My name is Anca-Ramona. I’m a wife of a dentist and mommy to three sweet kids, Lois, Maya and Abner and two sibling furbabies, Coco and Felix. Photography and crochet are my greatest passions.

I live in Arad, a city in Western Romania, in an appartment that I slowly try to turn into something similar with what you see in all those interior design pictures from Pinterest and Instagram. However, I came to the conclusion that such a thing is a utopia. I mean, you can decorate your house after the latest trends, but keeping it clean and always picture-ready is impossible when you have three kids and two cats, and thousand of toys and laundry to sort and put away every day.

I try (but often fail, unfortunately), to always see the full half of the glass and to thank God every day for all His blessings.


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