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  • Campanula

  • linking up with: Wednesday Around the World @ Communal Global Little Things Thursday @ Random-osity No Rules Weekend Blog Party @ Sincerely, Paula
  • Sun-kissed Lilac

  • Taken with my old Nikon D300 and my beloved lens Micro Nikkor 105mm. I sometimes amuse myself remembering how I used to think that the coolest, newest camera makes you a photographer. Not even charging for your photgraphy makes you a pro. It takes a lot more than that. And I am not talkning about te [...]
  • Spring Splendor

  • Spring blossoms always go perfectly with sunny weather. No matter how gorgeous they are, in photos they always look best if it's sunny outside. I didn't even need to edit these and I love editing photos. :D These, however, were edited on my old laptop, except for the last one, tha [...]