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  • Brașov Overview

  • These little breaks are one of my favoured things when travelling. I mean, look at them... us. Hehehe. :D If it's not on Facebook it didn't happen. Just kidding. I am not a Facebook freak, really. linking up with: My Sunday Photo @ Photo a Life
  • Old Abandoned Casino

  • This amazing building in the city of Constanța was a casino. Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo shot a few scenes here for The Brothers' Bloom movie. It attracts a lot of tourists every year yet the authorities are not capable to restore it. Seriously. Romanian authorities are all a bunch o [...]
  • Corbu Beach

  • If you ever come to Constanta in Romania, you could visit Corbu Beach. It's a huge, open space. There are no hotels around. No restaurants. No music, no sunbeds. It could be the perfect beach. It could. But... unfortunately it is not perfect. People throw garbage in the bushes. I suspect it's [...]
  • The Tiniest of Hikes

  • On our way to the Black Sea we stopped in Poiana Brasov for a couple of days. We visited the Peles Castle first, but we arrived late so we only visited the first floor and took no pictures. I plan to go back because I really want to see and photograph the third floor where the royal appartments are. [...]